Friday, January 08, 2010


Yeah, Spider-Man does 'whatever a spider can', but when it comes to everything else, the arachnid you want at your side is the Black Widow. From leading The Avengers, to surviving the worlds deadliest spy circles, the lady's done it all - and if she hasn't, she will have by the end of 2010.

Hoping to spotlight Natasha Romanova's independent nature, writer Marjorie Liu (Dark Wolverine), hopes to infect pull-lists the world over, when she takes the Black Widow for a spin in a new ongoing series, announced today, by IGN.

With the secret agent supreme set to co-star in the highly anticipated Iron Man 2, Liu's revelation that the first story arc "will not be a spy story" but one that examines Natasha's place in the Marvel super-hero universe, may be a bit of a puzzling move, but it doesn't hurt that the art chores have fallen to the highly capable Daniel Acuna.

If his work, when the series kicks off this April, reaches anywhere near the level of magic he produced on Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters, 20-10 could well be 'The Year of the Spider' - just like Marvel has being saying, only not for the one they were originally thinking.


  1. That's a niiiiice cover. I've always had a thing for redheads.

  2. Not familiar with the writer, but 'Tasha's always been a fave of mine. Might be because I share Rob's appreciation for the red-haired ladies. . .

    Marvel is playing this character quite well right now, as the collected edition of the current mini should be available right around the first issue of this series which will come out just as the world is buzzing about Iron Man 2.

    Well done Marvel, and thanks for the info Dan!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Daniel has done an awesome job on that cover. He draws the outfit so well, and me - I'm hoping that hair across the eye thing stays - that just sets it off!

    As a guy whose read Iron Man and Daredevil for most of his comic book life the Widows always been a firm favourite of mine - so will definitely pick up up the first few issues at least to see how the Widow flies!

  4. If DC and Marvel did a Mera-Hawkwoman-Batgirl/Scarlet Witch-Black Widow-Hellcat team-up book, I'd buy fifty copies.