Sunday, January 03, 2010


One of the best things about having little tykes around you at Christmas, is should the fast food joints be offering comic related toy bags for young-ins you have more than enough willing participants to help you get the whole set.

Right now in NZ, Burger King is just polishing off a run of toys based on the animated hit The Super Hero Squad Show. Featuring an Iron Man bag tag, a Hulk who glows in the dark and beats his fists (as Hulks do), Captain America - with a shield shooting base, and Silver Surfer - with a 3D Galactus backdrop.

I know what you're thinking - Marvel merchandise without Spidey or Wolverine? Yip it's true folks! And while I can easily walk past the Iron Man bag tag, Cap's my man and I'm yet to find something Marvel's slapped the Silver Surfer on I didn't like. Easily the best part of the set, that Galactus backdrop may not photograph well, but in true life it's pretty darn wicked.

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