Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DC COMICS: April Cover Shots

Anyone think it's coincidence, or project planning that sees the launch of DC's Brightest Day event land in April, a month associated with rebirth and reinvigoration thanks to the Easter story? Who knows - what is for sure is the DC section of your LCS will be hit with plenty of great offerings in April, with covers to match. Just like these here...

Artist and Title (from left): CLIFF CHIANG - Detective Comics #864, FRANCIS MANAPUL - The Flash #1, FIONA STAPLES - DV8: Gods & Monsters #1, CHRISSIE ZULLO - Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #6, LADRÖNN - The Spirit #1, and GABRIEL BÁ - Daytripper #5. For full solicitation details visit CBR.


  1. That DV8 cover looks like either a prequel or sequel to the X-Men Forever Annual cover, one post earlier.

  2. You're right Rob - how freaky is that!