Friday, January 01, 2010

GOOFOR, MODUCK - Mash-Ups Galore
As Disney Officially Acquires Marvel

The 'House of Ideas' is now officially the latest wing on the 'House of Mouse'. On the last day of 2009, Marvel shareholders voted affirmatively for the acquisition, and as fans start to look for signs on what the deal will bring to both parties, imaginations are running wild with the crossover potential of the various character libraries.

From Wolverine vying to be 'Prince Charming' so that Sleeping Beauty may wake and rise like the Phoenix, to more direct mash-ups like the above, while the ideas currently sweeping the net are worth a few laughs, here's hoping they stay confined to the drawing board for a fair while yet - just to separate the absurd from any with actual legs.

Me? I'm thinking that MoDuck up there could be worth a run - however he's still got nothing on Daffy though.

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