Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Four shots of news to round out the week that was, assembled right here when it comes to THE CRUNCH.
  • The line-up for Free Comic Book Day 2010 has struck. While Iron Man appears in four different offerings of the Saturday, May 1 selections, other highlights include; Jim Shooter giving new life to Doctor Solar and Magnus, Robot Fighter from Dark Horse, the double-sided Mouseguard/Fraggle Rock flip-book from Archaia and the kick off to War of the Supermen from DC. Find the full list, with details here...
  • Marriage straining computer game, Command and Conquer releases it's next instalment this March. The offical website states the franchise is also about to debut in an untouched medium early in the year, and the teaser looks like comic book panels, done by (if not in the style of) Paul Pope. More...
  • 2010 looks set to be the battle of the S_ _ _ermen, as Marvel declare twenty-ten 'The Year of Spiderman'. A teaser image for the Spidey storyline, set to go head to head with DC's War of the Supermen, is up now at Marvel.com
  • At his creator-owned best, the preview for Grant Morrison's upcoming mini Joe The Barbarian (Avail. 20 Jan) has been released from Vertigo. For mature readers, the book sees Joe miss his insulin injection, and trip into an imaginative world, where his toys are under seige from dark and magical forces. As he attempts to reach his meds in 'reality', Joe struggles to survive against the odds of two worlds.

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