Sunday, January 03, 2010


Dave DeVries is the Tim Burton of the painting world. He takes the subject, gives it a twist of perspective, anatomy, lemon or lime and makes some of the most amazing fantasy paintings, dipped in 1000 volt colour. A native New Yorker with a childhood love of comics, Dave was one of four artists chosen to paint the 1995 Marvel Masterpieces.

While that is a dream assignment for many, DeVries ultimate signature work is a project that falls squarely into the 'how on earth didn't I think of that' category. The Monster Engine is a gallery exhibition, lecture, and book that takes a childs drawing of a superhero, monster, or alien and faithfully paints the image in a realistic 3D way - cool huh?

The book also includes the added humorous bonus of interviews with each kid on what they think of their reimagined art.

If I were E.I.C I'd be hooking DeVries up for a painted Doom Patrol one shot, to see how his mad skills with the airbrush would render the outcast likes of Robotman, Beast Boy, Negative Man and Elasti-Girl.

For more on Dave DeVries or The Monster Machine visit his website.

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