Friday, January 22, 2010

USUAL SUSPECTS: Fantastic Four #574

Some books can never get to much press. You know, the ones you read in the car because you can't wait to drive home. Those out of all your stash, which remind you why comics are so freakin' cool in the first place. On my pull-list these are 'The Usual Suspects' and each week I'll give one it's own little promotional patch right here on IADW.

This week; Why Fantastic Four #574 is... well... fantastic, in under 60 words: Spider-Man swings by and Power Pack pops in for Franklin's birthday bash. Three guests move in and the Wizards clone is thirty-two. Jealous Johnny has a gift for Peter Parker, and a familiar time traveller arrives, with a tale of four cities for Val, and a present for Franklin that puts the whole universe in his hands.

What's ahead in Fantastic Four 575:Images via

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