Friday, February 19, 2010


DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, is a woman who means business – and it looks like the whole comic industry is set to benefit. Calling her new executive team a “creative “dream team”” the roster includes current DC super-scribe Geoff Johns as Chief Creative Officer, and Batman: Hush artist extraordinaire Jim Lee and will-powered Senior Vice President and Executive Editor, Dan DiDio as Co-Publisher.

Backed by John Rood (Executive Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Business Development), and Patrick Caldon (Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration), the dual publisher role will allow the driving forces of DC to literally be in two places at once, while Johns as C.C.O, will use his love of the DCU to lead the charge of it’s characters into film, toys, television, video games, animation and beyond.

For me, this news is proof yet again that good things happen to good people. Geoff is the fanboy turned pro, who still remains down-to-earth and humble, with revitalising runs on Flash, Green Lantern and the Justice Society of America to name just a few.

Jim Lee broke new ground turning his division of Image Comics Wildstorm, into the first to concentrate on decent stories, and through which made it an imprint attractive enough for DC to buy.

Dan DiDio, the sometimes controversial character, has overseen the rebirth of DC, to the point where the difference between the publisher and Marvel is a mere few percentage points.

I think Brad Meltzer, writer of Identity Crisis, sums it up best when he says; "...I haven't been this excited since I was eight years old and reading my first issue of Justice League."


  1. I think it;s awesome that creatives with passion for the characters, stories and history of DC Comics hold power, and not just a bunch of "suits."

  2. Maybe Johns in his new position can finally get Didio to lighten up on Aquaman.

  3. I agree guys - hopefully with the rowers now steering the ship - we should get a more 'reader friendly' DC than ever before!

    And I mean Johns and Lee?! Could they have picked a better combo?

    Thanks for the posts!