Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Three shots of news to round out the week that was, assembled right here when it comes to THE CRUNCH.
  • In March Doc. Savage returns to comics, but today the 'Man of Bronze' returned to theatres, with official word from Columbia Studios, that Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) will co-write and direct a feature film based on the pulp hero. Jump

  • On a similar note, the 'Man of Steel' might be renamed as the 'Million-Dollar Man', after an 8.0 CGC graded edition of Action Comics #1 (Superman's first appearance) sold for a cool one mil on ComicConnect.com. Pretty good return on a 10 cent investment huh? Jump

  • Finally, with Image Comics' zombie hit Walking Dead about to come to a TV near you, YouTube user brianbedell has taken now as the time to post his fan film up, based on one of the books most dramatic moments. While it's a pretty big spoiler on a major plot twist in the book, it's completely zombie-free, so don't fret if you're the squeamish type.

    Taken from Walking Dead #51, this film picks up with series protagonist Rick Grimes on the phone, talking to the survivors he and his son plan to meet up with. By the time the phone call's over, his whole perspective has changed...

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