Sunday, February 14, 2010


Few modern artists make illustration look as effortless as Joshua Middleton. A comic-smith who actually takes his work from pencils to colours himself, Joshua is in complete control of the finished product - and boy does it show.

With a 'trance meets manga meets water-colour' style, his vivid colours frequently include a mix of strong hues, that in the hands of others would overpower the line-work around them.

Whereas some might layer the image with cross-hatching and added detail, in order for the line art to remain the star of the show, Middleton's lines never compete with his skills in using his new age Crayolas. Rather, his gentle line-work balances, revealing all that's needed to tell the story, while still being 'open for colour'.

Despite having made a name for himself on books like Crossgen's Meridian, Marvel's NYX, and currently flying high on DC's Supergirl, I hope Joshua isn't tired of rendering super-powered teens. For me he is still THE artist with the perfect look and skill-set, for any project along the lines of Titans: Rebirth.

For more of Middleton's amazing art visit his official website here.

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