Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Bidding On Terminator Franchise

Stop saving, bidding on the future rights to the Terminator franchise closed yesterday. While Lionsgate offered $15 million and a 5% cut of future gross receipts to the Halcyon Group, who are currently filing for bankruptcy, Sony left it to the last minute to put in their secret bid, with a decision expected on the winner early next week.

Despite Terminator Salvation not making the moolah it was expected to in the US, outside the States it was a certified hit. $246 million of the films total $372 million haul, was from the international box-office, and Sony was the distributor to all of those non-US based theatres.

With that success flavouring their bid, the idea of a multi-media giant like Sony owning all future rights to all things 'Terminator', would not only guarantee the franchise a stable home, but also open doors to decent Playstation based games, animations, soundtracks, movies, and even a new TV series, along the lines of the criminally cut-short Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, to name a few possibilities.

Next weeks verdict will be announced right here on IADW.

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