Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WATCHMEN: Predicting March's Best Comics

HIT PICK TO CLICK: FIRST WAVE #1: The Golden Tree cabal’s corruption runs deep, in DC’s ‘all-new’ First Wave pulp universe. As the roots of the shadow organisation become exposed, Doc Savage, The Spirit, The Blackhawks, Batman, and more, find themselves thrown into a whole new battle, where the secret of the Right Red Hand might just hold the key to victory.
  • X-FACTOR FOREVER #1 (Marvel): Louise Simonson returns to the X-title she made famous by showing what would have happened if she had continued her run. Here’s a hint; the dude’s name rhymes with ‘Pa-chocolips’.

  • AMERICAN VAMPIRE #1 (Vertigo): Horror master Stephen King gives birth to an all new breed of vampire – with two tales in each issue, and a variant Jim Lee cover to boot!

  • BLACKEST NIGHT #8 (DC): The biggest event in modern comics comes to it’s oversized conclusion – and yes, the DC Universe will never be the same (at least until the next Crisis)!

  • SPARTA: USA #1 (Wildstorm): Only one person has ever left the ‘perfect American town’ of Sparta, and now he’s back, with a secret that will expose it’s rotten core for all to see (Ten bucks says he’s brought Desperate Housewives on DVD).

  • THE HARVEY COMICS TREASURY VOLUME 1: CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST AND FRIENDS (Dark Horse): The first of the upcoming Harvey Comics collection series, the return of these comic stars for all ages is made better with 200 pages of laughs and adventure in full colour, for a mere fifteen bucks!
COVER OF THE MONTH: POWER GIRL #10 (DC) Artist Amanda Conner sums so much up with so little, it’s not hard to have a few laughs over this ‘slice of life’ cover shot. From the facial expressions of those walking by, to the plug for her partner Jimmy Palmiotti’s book Jonah Hex, this is sure to be one cover that leaves an impression.

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