Monday, March 01, 2010

HEY, YOU IN THE BACK: Three Titles Outside The 'Big Two' Needing A Comeback

It can be a hard life if you are a publisher outside the 'Big Two'. You may have the coolest concept since Peter Parker learned how to do whatever it is a spider does, but for a multitude of reasons it still may end up just not being your time. Now with modern comics chocka with the reborn, rebirthed and revamped, IADW looks at 3 titles, outside the big guns, that have gone by the wayside and deserve a comeback.

THE MASK: A license to print money would be pretty handy, but I'd still prefer to own the Mask. Luckily, with Marvel drowning in Deadpool comics, and Secret Six one of the hottest reads at DC, a new book of the light'n'dark adventures of The Mask, would give a publisher with similar aspirations the ability to have their cake and eat it to.

THE STRANGERS: There isn't enough space on this blog for me to convey my sadness over the disappearance of the Malibu Ultraverse line. A handful of people turned into their worlds first super-heroes and villains by a mysterious power source, writer Steve Englehart's The Strangers, was HEROES before there was HEROES. Did I mention it was by Steve Englehart?! Oh I did? All right then.

X-O MANOWAR: He's a barbarian in an alien suit of armour, trapped in a 'modern' world. Sometimes the cool factor is just that simple. With Dark Horse bringing back fellow Valiant stars Magnus and Doctor Solar, hopefully it's only a matter of time before someone dusts off Aric's control ring, and this Jim Shooter co-creation, gets to take flight once more.

So what about you? Any non-Marvel, non-DC titles you want to see back on the stands?

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