Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Three shots of news to round out the week that was, assembled right here when it comes to THE CRUNCH.
  • Cobwebs won't just be in Spider-Man's wrist-shooters this month, they'll also be in his wallet, as Peter Parker is set to be fired in Amazing Spider-Man #623. Call me sadistic, but I reckon the best Spidey stories come from Pete balancing saving the city with real life issues, and nothing is more 'real life' for many folks in these economic times, than unemployment.

  • Spend Thursday telling everyone how you're so tired after staying up all night talking with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! Grab yourself a copy of DC's First Wave #1 this Wednesday, then jump on Twitter, for the ultimate fan meets pro discussion, with Lee and Johns, at DC Nation 3pm PST.

  • Got a few moments going spare? Head over to The Nova Prime Page, to check out one man's awesome 'fansite' dedication to Nova: The Human Rocket! Marvel's teen cosmic cop gets the A-grade treatment all to himself, in a site that's right up there with many of the others already featured on IADW!


  1. Hey Dan, can you also link the comic names to the websites they are featured on? That would save a few extra clicks in the web browser! Cheers.

    Looks like First Wave is great!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jonny! Do you mean link to the comic publishers, or online retailers?

    While I try to stop posts being to link heavy, I'll make sure with future posts I check what should be linked a little bit more in future before hitting post!

    Thanks again.