Sunday, March 07, 2010


When it comes to 'cheesecake' artists, Adam Hughes is definitely one of the 'big guns' and that's not just when he's drawing Power Girl.

Having provided a range of iconic covers and imagery for the likes of Star Wars and Wonder Woman, where Adam truly excels is in the respect he gives the ladies involved. Where many an artist seam fit to place women in gratuitous poses, that almost belong in another form of publication, in order to sell, Hughes work isn't art you need to smuggle inside in a brown paper bag.

To leave the comments on his skills at merely that though would be a mistake. His 'pin-up' imagery also features a strong knowledge of composition and fluidity, to the point most of his art seams devoid of any really sharp edges. He also has an amazing eye for colour, rendering his work himself, and adds a real Art Nouveau style to many elements, especially long hair.

For me, my dream project of Adam's is torn between a mini series that takes the JLA for a spin, and one that tackles the Masters of the Universe. Vixen, Zatanna and the Red Tornado vs. She-ra, Evil-Lyn and the alien landscapes of Eternia.... tough call.

For more awesome 'AH!' work, visit his sketch and image gallery on deviantART, and his appropriately titled website


  1. I think that Supergirl cover may be his masterpiece.

  2. I agree Rob - it's such a classic shot isn't it?

    Reminds me of the old Bettie Paige on the side of aeroplanes kind of imagery.

    Would be cool to get a 'headband Supergirl' version to - but that might just be me!