Monday, March 08, 2010

MOMENTS IN COOL: Cap Leads Heroes Of Earth To The Aid Of Rom Spaceknight

It's crazy how deep the internet runs. From the ‘I didn’t think anyone would scan that’ file comes this splash-page from 80’s Marvel series; Rom Spaceknight. Forget the rest of the issue (#65), where old Romy tries to stop an invasion of Dire Wraiths single-handed, what blew my mind as a kid was this massive charge of heroes coming to his aid.

I’d pull the book out, open it straight to this Steve Ditko penciled page and just ‘wow’ over so many good guys all in one place.

I hadn’t met the X-Men yet, so didn’t care too much they were relegated to the back. Beast, Iceman, and Angel to me were more members of The Defenders (who I had a big thing for) and they were side by side with Iron Man! Cap was leading the charge (so victory was at hand), some dude was riding a Pegasus into battle, there was an actual ‘cat woman’ and Thor had been turned into a horse.

I’ve figured out the truth to all of the above since then, and while I don’t know if it is age or ‘advance solicitations’ that makes that same sense of ‘wow’ so rare in this day and age, but God knows back in the day it was a great feeling...

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  1. How ironic, i have an Aug. 22 posting on my blog site in which i borrowed some clip art from this very same issue to make an argument between Sal Buscema and Steve Dikto's penciling on the ROM series. I included a link on that posting to a youtube video biography about Sal Buscema's career (highly
    recommended!) for anyone who's interested: