Saturday, March 20, 2010

Duck Tales and Green Arrow

MY LIKES: When Gotham was levelled by an earthquake a few years back, the Bat-books entered one of their best story-lines in years, exploring how Gotham and Batman worked, in the wake of a natural disaster. While No Man's Land was a cut a little too short for my tastes, now it seems it's Green Arrow's turn.

Based on DC's solicitation text (and this freakin' sweet cover to June's Green Arrow #1, by Mauro Cascioli), G.A's partly destroyed home of Star City, is going to become a natural/ natural disaster hybrid, giving DC's 'Robin Hood' more of a 'Sherwood Forest' to play in.

An awesome fantasy concept for writer J.T. Krul and artist Diogenes Neves to brand the Emerald Archers adventures with, it does leave me thinking in terms of 'green' it may just be easier for DC just to attach a vacuum to my wallet.

MUM'S LIKES: Raising a 'Comic Book Kid' can't be an easy job. And while Mum knows her Justice League from her Avengers, she never really read any of the multitude of comics I had stockpiled around my room. Every bit of knowledge she picked up was mostly through entrapment - I've always had a pretty strong gift of the gab.

Still I say 'never really' because there were three exceptions that made it to her reading list. Comics which starred; The Phantom, the classic look of DC's Penguin (With the dinner jacket and multi-coloured flying umbrella), and Uncle Scrooge - especially Duck Tales.

That's why todays news, that the Duck Tales gang are coming back in the 'plain good fun' pages of BOOM! Studios Uncle Scrooge, instantly made me think of grabbing a copy for Mum.

After all we are talking about the woman who when I couldn't find a copy anywhere, located, brought and suprised me with a my very own edition of Superman #75, The Death of Superman, in an age before 'internet shopping'. If that doesn't make her a 'Wonder Woman' for life, I don't know what does.


  1. Very nice post Dan! What a mum!


  2. Nice tribute to your mother! Well done!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys - glad you liked the mother/son post!