Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PANEL-BEATER: Comic Of The Month:
Justice League of America #42

Call it "Showing his teeth", "Taking off the kid gloves", "Cry for Justice was just a warm up" - whatever you want. But with this one issue, writer James Robinson proved Brightest Day for the Justice League starts right here.

Twisted versions of the New Gods are scouring the planet, looking for components of a machine whose slightest touch will drive a man insane. Strewn throughout time, The Challengers of the Unknown, The Metal Men, and more, have all fought to protect it, and now as these strangers tear through The Power Company (who artist Mark Bagley has a natural knack for), a League still coming to grips with each other, realise they are all that is left.

An epic tale which fits the 'JLA blockbuster' mold, James keeps pace by jumping quickly from scene to scene, while still staying still long enough to deliver some of his best character work in a long time.

Donna Troy is an obvious favourite, and the conversation between Cyborg and Red Tornado, finally makes moves towards an idea even Batman should have thought of long before now.

Refreshingly bright in terms of story, while the book suffers here and there from using a team of inkers (dam you monthly deadlines), it is small price paid in exchange for the likes of the glorious double-page slugfest between Congorilla and Tender Mercy, and the ability to finally fork out the exact cost of a Justice League title, and not instantly wish you got change.

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