Sunday, April 25, 2010

MAKING A MARK: Andy Bergholtz

Every week Making A Mark features one of the insanely talented artistic folk, currently living up large on the pages of Selection is simple; search for a visual character, pick the greatest visual, then give it's maker a little brag spot right here on IADW.

Character: Mephisto Artist: Andy Bergholtz aka dA's MonsterPappa

Forget his actions a few years ago in the life of Spider-Man, in classic Marvel villainy few can hold a torch to Mephisto. When I was trolling through the pages of deviantART looking for some wickedly rendered piece of the devilish adversary, I didn't think for a moment the winning work of such a rare character would ever be 3D - but there it is.

Better yet the quality of Andy's pop fiction sculptures never dips from that point on. Princess Leia, classic Hollywood monsters, the Incredible Hulk, and the cast of G.I. Joe all fall under his sculpting knifes, with equally fantastic results.

The ability to draw 2D, which 'MonsterPappa' also displays is one thing, but to start with a lump of moulding clay and transform it into something so detailed, well that's something else entirely. To see more of the 29 year old American's great work, visit Andy's deviantART page, or his own website at

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