Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Avengers and Brightest Day Preview Art

I can just tell I'm going to need a tag for Brightest Day cover art. If the blog Gelatometti isn't a part of your regular internet viewing, hotlink it now, so you don't miss out on awesome stuff like Scott Williams latest post. Featuring his amazing ink work to character specific covers of Firestorm, Martian Manhunter and Hawkman, 'wow' hardly describes them.

And while I may be a little bias, having followed him from his earliest days on Daredevil to Kick-Ass, and all points in between, John Romita Jr's just released interior art for Avengers #1 shows he is still at the top of the game. With this kind of detail, what I wouldn't give to see him swap Wonder Man for Wonder Woman, and take a crack at the DC line...


  1. that's a great rendition of one of my favorite DC characters (Hawkman). the fore shortening given the percpective is done very well.

  2. Hey David! Thanks again for that. Hawkman is one of my top 3 DC heroes too!

    Actually if I started a character-centric blog I think Hawkman would be the strongest contender...

  3. what can i say Dan, great minds think alike.