Friday, April 02, 2010

THERE IS NO PLAN B - 2nd A-Team Trailer

80's movies rocked. After a days work you could jump down to your local theatre, catch an action movie that didn't take itself to seriously, and enjoy a few car chases, explosions, and if you were lucky Kurt Russell, the odd alien bounty hunter, or a giant marsh-mellow demon about to lay waste to New York City.

That's why I'm hanging out for the A-Team - will it be 'A-Grade' cinema? Probably not. Will it be one of those fun, 'just for the hell of it' kind of shoot 'em ups you don't need insane amounts of brainpower to follow? Without a doubt. And while it may not go as far as having it's own candy based supernatural entity, it will feature Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel and my original pick for Hal Jordan; Bradley Cooper, so there's little to complain about there.

Check out the second trailer for yourself below, or for a touch of extra class, the high-definition version over at

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