Monday, April 05, 2010


Okay, so el-grimlock's Planet Thing, took the Making A Mark spotlight a couple of weeks ago, but this piece by deviantART's BrokenHill, just couldnt go ignored. 400lb of metal, hand-cut and wielded into place, this amazing 3D artwork took over 50hrs of elbow grease to complete, and stands around 2ft in height!

BrokenHill's dA gallery also includes 'flat metal' art of Thor, Dr. Doom, Batman and more, plus heaps of other Thing based sketches. Infact he's such a fan of Aunt Petunia's blue-eyed-boy, he created Clobbering Time - a deviantArt group for Thing art only. See? Marvel's rock-skinned powerhouse really is the ever lovin' idol of millions.


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  2. That sculpture is fantastic (no pun intended). Marvel should get that guy to do a cover.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words Lydia - glad you liked what you saw and are planning on sticking around!

    I'm with you Rob - a 3D scene of even the 'This Man This Monster' cover would be a great show piece for the House of Ideas - especially in convention season...