Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marko Djurdjevic's X-Men Redesigns

They are one of the staple properties in comic history, and you’d have to walk a few thousand miles to find a comic fan who doesn’t have thoughts on the X-Men’s future - and if they are artistically-minded, even what they should look like.

Over four years ago, some virtually unknown dude by the name of Marko Djurdjevic posted his then ideas for a visually different take on Marvel’s main mutants, over at While Marko's work has now been removed from the site, back then fans were divided over the pro’s and con’s of his sketches. Djurdjevic stated on his old blog they motivated the House of Ideas to sign him up – so I guess the fans were in the right places in the long run.

Personally, I kept these sketches filed in my ‘inspiration’ folder, not just because it’s always great seeing another person’s perspective on established icons, but because of the presentation involved. These aren’t just sketches dumped on a white piece of paper, the whole layout and breakdown of the characters is a class-act from start to finish, and one that's always been good to look back on over the years, if not just for artistic eye candy reasons alone.

So what icon's would you want to tweak or alter the appearance of? Or are icons, once iconic, untouchable property?


  1. I am a big fan of Marko. I would like to see how he would tweak Iron Fist, though David Aja's Iron Fist is the best i have seen so far. I will be happy to see what Marko can come up with

  2. Hey IronFist Fan - thanks for the comments - and you are right Marko would make a killer Iron Fist artist!

    His take on Marvel's light-fisted martial art star is teased right here - - and looks pretty sweet.

    Nice Iron Fist blog you run too - IADW readers be sure to check it out at

  3. Even the teaser is a good look.

    Thanks Dan continue with your great blog also

  4. wow. Amazing work. It's not often that redesigns work. This one certainly would.

  5. I'll say Craig - Marko definitely did a sweet job with these. I love how the Juggernaut wasn't really altered that much. Shows how much of a classic the original is.

    Plus is it me or does Sabretooth suit civvies more than spandex?

  6. I've never cared much for Sabretooth's brown & gold costume. I much preferred the streetclothes look for him. This version is just perfect though.

  7. Candistar12:52 pm

    The art is good in of itself, but it feels like it doesn't fully express the personalities of the characters. For example, Sabretooth kinda looks like a an angry zombie. Just saying...

  8. No worries Candistar - thanks for dropping in to IADW!

    It can be hard to convey character in character design sketches, and I too first thought it was odd the bold and mammoth Sabretooth was lurched over and crazed, but then I thought Marko wanted to showcase the more predatory side of the character and it seemed to make more sense :D

    Thanks for your comments!