Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DC COMICS: August Cover Shot

DC Comics has released their full details on the truckload of awesome swag they've got heading your way in August. I was flipping through each juicy little number, looking for the top four to pin up here as usual, and then I saw this....

It's the cover to The World's Greatest Super-Heroes trade paperback, by the consistently amazing Alex Ross. No matter how often he paints the DCU I don't think my jaw's ever not going to hit the floor.

For the full rundown, including Superman: Earth One, visit DC Comics.


  1. I assume this book is reprinting those awesome oversized Dini/Ross books?

    I hope they do this trade at treasury size as well, but I won't hold my breath.

  2. Thanks for the comments Rob!

    Yip the six oversized Dini/Ross books in one place, with developmental art etc. The size is stated as 8.125”x11” which seems just a little narrower than the originals - or is that my bad math?

  3. Yeah, its a bit shy of the original, classic treasury 10x13" format.