Sunday, May 23, 2010

DC Cover Art Answers 'What's In A Name?'

Over on the DC Source blog, the DC Folk have posed the question 'What is your favourite DC Comic cover of all time?' While I can't pin it down to one that I can safely state, then not want to retract and replace five minutes later, it did make me think of this;

Jump in the TARDIS back to December 2001 and you will find the majority of DC's line, taking part in an experiment to work the title of the book, into the art of the cover, not just as a logo.

While the winner for me was undoubtedly Brian Bolland's The Flash it was a fun exercise all-round. It created some great iconic shots like JSA and Green Arrow, and some humorous ones too - like Plastic Man straining to rank in the JLA and the Impulse homage to Brian's incredible design for the Scarlet Speedster.

Checkout the whole selection (or as many as I could locate), below.

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