Saturday, May 29, 2010

WALKING THE PLANK: DC Direct Unveils Bat-Figures To Jump Ship For

Tomatoe, Tomatah - High Seas Batman or Bat-Pirate, a great idea by any other name always sounds as sweet.

Now DC Direct makes the sugar content of the hit mini-series; Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne even more addictive, by releasing these figure shots of its stars - Prehistoric Batman, Witch-hunter Batman, Wild West Batman, and the guy who needs his own book when all this is done; High Seas Batman.

While April 2011 is a fair chunk of time to wait before you can wrap your hands around these Andy Kubert cover art-based beauties, I already have a desk spot picked out for ol' High Seas Bats already, and probably for Wild West Batman too, that is unless High Seas Catwoman comes along...

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