Thursday, June 03, 2010

PASSPORT STAMP: IronFist Fan and ToB

This week two new folks have signed up for their passport to It's A Dan's World, by using the 'follow' option - tucked away in the right-hand column, and even at the top of this very page (talk about handy)!

IronFist Fan chronicles the appearances, history and art of Marvel's mightiest martial artist, as Danny Rand heads into both New Avengers and Shadowland at 

ToB runs Histories Of Things To Come, a blog that looks at a range of time related topics, with recent posts dedicated to mapping the somewhat convoluted past of New Teen Titan; Terra.

So if you haven't already, get your passport stamped and follow IADW! While you're at it be sure to explore the great sites linked to your fellow followees - you never know what sweet finds are just one click away. And to IronFist Fan and ToB - thanks for following IADW!


  1. I appreciate your support and approval..Thanks and all the best!!

  2. No worries Iron Fist Fan - yours is appreciated too!

  3. Thanks very much for mentioning my blog on your site Dan! Much appreciated and best wishes. Tamaranorbust (TOB)

  4. No worries Tamaranorbust - Thanks for the support!