Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MARVEL COMICS: September Cover Shots

Every corner of the Marvel Universe has turned up the heat, and in September the pressure's kept at a constant boil. With covers like the below, nothing will be left to simmer on shelves for long.

ARTIST AND TITLE: Travel Foreman - Black Widow #6, Jae Lee - Namor: The First Mutant #2, Juan Doe - Iron Man Legacy #6, Jay Anacleto - Valkyrie #1

ONE TO WATCH: You remember Marko Djurdjevic's massive Avengers inter-locking covers? Well now he's at it again with the Spider-Man clan. Starting with Amazing Spider-Man #642, and spanning the entire five part Origin of the Species epic (first 3 parts in September), the finished art will surely be gracing a desktop near you soon.

If Marvel ever does a Fantastic Four one I will flip - can you imagine Marko's Galactus? For their full September solicits visit


  1. Totally loving that IronMan cover.

  2. Likewise Rob - I did think about making it the only one in the post for a bit!

    Thanks for the comment!