Thursday, June 03, 2010

MEET WONDER MAN: The Hero Your Girlfriend Never Wants You Be

Tying a towel to your neck and speeding round the house like Superman, jumping out of a non health and saftey approved tree with fists clenched and 'stick' Wolverine claws fully extended, or trying to convince your girlfriend that Princess Leia's gold bikini is always in season, sci-fi and 'dress up' often go hand-in-hand.

Then there's Wonder Man, not Marvel's ionic avenger mind you, but rather the guy whose born when one guy's left at home with the dog a little too long....


  1. Thanks for the laugh, Dan!

  2. HA HA! I love it! But I must say, that would be embarrassing for your wife to walk in on. Never happened to me...nope...(cough)...not in the least.........

  3. Thanks for the comments guys - glad you liked it!

    Every time it comes on TV here, it cracks me up - so thought it deserved a post!