Friday, June 18, 2010


If there's a few dinero rolling round loose in your wallet at the end of the month, and you're thinking of adding an extra purchase to your June pull-list, here's three quick-fire reviews to help steer your spare change in the right direction.

Brian Michael Bendis's writing *****
John Romita Jr.'s art *****
Colour me confused. 'Earth's Mightiest' is the perfect fit for Marvel's Heroic Age. Instead this issue serves up some really out of character moments, like Steve Rogers telling Thor and Hawkeye why they're picked for the Avengers. Thor and Hawkeye?

Still Clint and Spider-Man have a few classic moments, there's an awesome last page twist, and while time travel stories usually bring on mass headaches, this possible sucker-for-punishment hopes #2 can reach this flag-ship's potential. *****

Grant Morrison's writing *****
Sean Murphy's art *****
This has been one helluva mini-series from Vertigo, and this it's best issue since #1.

Imagination, humour and reality continue to collide as Zyxy, Smoot, Jack and the insulin deprived, possibly hallucinating diabetic Joe finally make it to the Forest City of Yalway.

If you don't pick up this issue to see the dual with the Dog of Death, Sean's stunning artwork or Joe's tragic call from his mum in the depths of his journey, you'll definitely want to read it in trade. *****

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's writing *****
Miguel Sepulveda's art *****
DC's Legion of Super-Heroes started by destroying a planet, DNA's latest cosmic blockbuster started by offing over a dozen, as a signal to the armies of the cancerverse and their twisted versions of our greatest heroes, to start their invasion of our own.

Marvel putting their cosmic books on hold so fans could lap up this title was a great call. I mean, where else can you see Nova and the evil Avengers, plus Rocket Racoon taking on an insane Thanos and winning - yip, you read that right - winning. *****


  1. Nice. Reviews help cut down the amount of time spent hunting for good reads. Impressed with your list!

  2. Thanks Jonny - glad you like the new feature! Hope to mix it up every month, and share my 5 cents round!