Monday, July 05, 2010


How do you get comic fans hopping mad? Take a beloved icon and give them a makeover that would make even Rikki Lake blush. Right now it's Wonder Woman's turn, but it's not the avenging amazon's first - and she sure isn't alone. That said, here are six of the biggest other do-overs, that got fans hopping a little more than most.

When you're talking icons they dont come much bigger than the big 'S'. Back in the 90's Supes ditched the primary colours and his classic powerset for something a little more monotone.

While a few writers (like Grant Morrisson in the pages of JLA) were still able to craft some sweet Superman moments, a few years later DC pulled Clark's finger out of the light socket and wrapped the return of his iconic duds in a swanky Alex Ross covered one-shot.
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For many years Storm was Marvel's leading lady, one that also served as the flagship character for the diversity of Marvel Comics. So what did the House of Ideas do to the Dave Cockrum design no one had an issue with? Stuck her in leathers and shaved her head.

Turning their iconic heroine into a 80's punk showed how 'in-touch' Marvel was, but me I was happy either way, as both outfits were in-tune with the character. Mohawk included.
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Dont get me started on this one. All right too late... Aquaman's most famous ability is to communicate with marine life, yet his hands eaten by piranha ('No don't eat my hand' was out of his vocabulary)?

Then to add insult to injury, DC give him a Metallica-themed haircut (complete with beard) and a hook for a hand - because that's what you do with aquatic fictional characters. It was a dark day for aquafans, but it was the 90's and anything close to Wolverine in claws or attitude, was a selling step in the right direction - wasn't it?
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Okay, so this one probably didn't rock the world, but it was a pretty big paradigm shift. In only issue 7 of the original Daredevil series, the late great Wally Wood gave Daredevil his infamous red set of togs. Why? Wally simply felt no one who called themselves a 'devil' would run around in yellow. And fair enough.
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Hey, it was a 500th issue in the 90's! The book already had a die-cut foil-stamped cover, but like that Xmas gift for the mother-in-law, it just needed something else.

Que more yellow and pouches than a 'Dark Knight' should legally be allowed to wear, claws and a built-in bat signal and you've got the 'Azrael Batman'. Luckily a few story-lines later the lunchbox selling juggernaut was back looking like he should, and all was once again right with the world ... or at least Gotham.
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For a semi-broke, down on his luck, 20-something, Spider-Man sure does change his outfit pretty regularly. The biggest was when the upbeat arachnid swapped the blue and red for the black and white.

I personally loved the sleek, symbolic, black Spidey-kit, but it eventually turned out to be the Venom symbiote that would later try to kill Pete on a fairly monthly basis. Hey, how was I to know!?
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  1. I honestly like Wonder Woman's new change, i do not see why people are complaining. Superheroes do not always have to look flashy and on the spotlight, sometimes they have to blend in with normal people.

  2. I like it too I.F.F! While I like Wonder Woman looking more like an Amazon warrior than a super-hero, I'm all for giving the new duds a go, and seeing how they work in the context of the story.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Thanks for bringing up Pirate Aquaman. I thought I was over it...

  4. No worries Rob - you know me, always ready to help ;D

    Thanks for the comment!