Saturday, July 24, 2010

99% Fluff Free Comic Con: Geoff Johns

TOPIC: Work touched by writer / Chief Creative Officer; Geoff Johns.

A "hardcore violent" Suicide Squad video game is underway at Warner Bros Interactive. The gaming studios new Montreal base is expected to focus largely on DC properties.

Parallax and Kilowog will be in the Green Lantern movie, asked about Kyle Rayner, Johns replied "I'd love to get to everybody in there."

In Brightest Day Johns will be diving more into the back-stories of Black Manta and Mera, than Aquaman. Yet, when asked about the Indigo Tribe's connection to the 'aqua war', Geoff replied you may eventually see an Aquaman-themed event, but couldn't say anymore.

THE CRUNCH: Johns has a creator-owned book in mind for 2011 * The follow up to Brightest Day already has a name * Geoff has no plans to leave Green Lantern, and says Green Lantern: Secret Origin II, starring Sinestro and penciller Ivan Reis, is on the way next year.

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  1. i've never been a big gamer outside of my child hood Atari 2600 but that's cool to see you give another favorite title of my (The Suicide Squad) a plug.