Sunday, July 25, 2010

99% Fluff Free Comic Con: DCU Online Trailer

This trailer couldn't be anymore amazing / stunning / breath-taking / (add your own affirmative adjective here), if a virtual hand reached out at the end and slapped you in the face.

Ever wanted to see an all-or-nothing, dark, jaw-crunching battle between DC's Justice League and the Legion Of Doom?! Then WB Games, DC Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Online have got your cure, with this here trailer for November's debut of the online multiplayer role-playing game, DC Universe Online. Feast your eyes on this...

Hot damn. Did you see that Cyborg? And what about Wonder Woman vs Deathstroke, yeah that scenes going to be imprinted in cool for quite some time...


  1. Holy crap, that DCUO thing does look amazing.

    No Aquaman? What a surprise...

  2. Thanks for those comments Rob!

    Yip, no AM in the first edition it seems, but over at CBR Jim Lee does say the underwater DC realm is one of the expansion packs he's considering for the following chapters, along with Apokolips, and the 31st century. So it could be no small Aquaman role now, but a bigger than small part in the future :D

  3. Dang! I'm not a big gamer, the extent of my interest/ability stops with MarioKart with my kids, but this looks like it could be worth checking into more fully.

    Great coverage of SDCC overall as well, Dan!

  4. Thanks for the great feedback Doug!

    I'm in training at the moment so wasn't sure I'd be able to do SDCC justice, but it ended up pretty much fitting into the same time I usually take doing a post (my two typing fingers must've been working overtime!)

    Nothing wrong with a little Mario Cart - I used to be the speed demon of Crash Team Racing in my gaming days!