Saturday, July 24, 2010

99% Fluff Free Comic Con: Superman Books vs The Avengers

Wonder Woman's jacket notwithstanding, the last few weeks headlines have been dominianted by two things; Marvel's Avengers and the kick-off to J. Michael Straczynski's already controversial Superman run.

So let's pit the Comic Con announcements of each family of books against each other in four rounds and see who walks away the winner.

Superman: Supergirl will visit the nastiness that is Bizarro World
Avengers: Red Hulk will join the Avengers as of issue #7.
Winner Round One: Superman

See the remaining rounds, after the jump...

Superman: Paul Cornell's Action Comics will see Deathstroke, Gorilla Grodd, Death and The Secret Six take on Lex Luthor
Avengers: Invincible Iron Man will continue to tell the story of Tony Stark rebuilding his empire from nothing
Winner Round Two: Superman

Superman: Jeff Lemire's upcoming Superboy ongoing will bring the likes of The Phantom Stranger, Kid Flash and Poison Ivy to Smallville
Avengers: Joe Quesada, says the post-Shadowland 'Man Without Fear' will be established from Gambit, Nova or the Avenger Falcon
Winner Round Three: If Falcon wins out; Avengers, if not; Superman

Superman: JMS's Superman will see Batman confront Superman over having "lost his mind"
Avengers: Matt Fraction's Thor run will be in the Kirby space tradition
Winner Round Four: Avengers

Verdict: If the Falcon comes home to Hell's Kitchen to roost, it's anyones game. If not, it's game, set and match to The Man of Steel.

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