Friday, July 23, 2010

99% Fluff Free Comic Con: DC Nation

Looking for the key points from Comic Con's first DC Nation Panel?

Fables #100 will be 100-pages. Featuring a massive showdown, double-page board game and a back-up story written by series artist Mark Buckingham for writer Bill Willingham to draw. Another section will feature "celebrity readers" questions, answered in comic style.

Sweet Tooth writer Jeff Lemire said his upcoming Superboy serial will feature guest stars, affected by the slice of life they find in Smallville.

Co-Publisher Dan Didio said the upcoming DC Comics Presents books at $7.99 would be like mini trades, getting un-collected material back into print, including possibly Blue Beetle.

THE CRUNCH: Batman Beyond will continue past its initial run * A goal for Green Arrow was to give the hero a 'Gotham' of his own * A cartoon based Young Justice book is on the way.

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