Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forget The Fluff: San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is... massive. Millions of people, thousands of exhibitions, hundreds of revelations and uncountable numbers of fan jaws dropping in response. However if you are one of the other million odd people who can't make the annual pilgrimage, IADW has your back. This;

It's the Forget The Fluff flag (and IMHO one of the only things good about X-Men 3). I'm going to try summarising the news of the Con, from the fan costumes to the key panels, shearing off all the fluff around the main stories, to see what kind of beast we end up with.

Be sure to drop in and see how I'm going, and drop your thoughts in if you're that way inclined. It's Forget The Fluff meets the awesomeness that is San Diego Comic Con, this weekend on IADW.

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