Sunday, July 04, 2010


Every Sunday, Making A Mark features one of the insanely talented artistic folk, currently living up large on the pages of Selection is simple; search for a visual character, pick the greatest visual, then give it's maker a little brag spot right here on IADW.

Prince of Thieves by Oliver Peterson aka dA's OllieP

Now this is a guy I've wanted to feature for quite some time. Mixed media in any form can be a tricky medium to make work - assemble your pieces incorrectly and the result can simply look an unorganised mess. But assemble them on your canvas with an eye for design and you get these; fresh, thought-provoking images, by Oliver Peterson that present classic heroes in a whole new light.

As well as those seen here; Hawkman, Thing, grey Hulk, Emma Frost, Iron Man and more feature in Oliver's stunning acrylic portfolio, where the characters work with the canvas as a whole and also as attention-grabbers for your eyes, that then lead them to spend the next few minutes wondering the rest of the finished art, amazed at all the attention to detail involved.

Impressive huh? As a fan of both comics and heroclix, you can check out the rest of Oliver's amazing works for yourself over on his deviantART page.

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