Monday, July 26, 2010


Every fortnight, up goes one spoiler-free panel from the latest issue of Brightest Day, the bi-weekly event, currently reinvigorating many of DC's iconic characters Extreme Makeover style.

Here, Hawk proves not all the white ring's advice is gospel. It's a small attitude-ridden panel true, but it's the best Hawk's read since the old Hawk and Dove mini-series, that first introduced me to Rob Liefeld. Like most characters in last week's Brightest Day #6, Hawk it's good to have you back.


  1. I'm rereading all my Hawk and Dove back issues right now and forgot how great the Kesels' run was. Hawk was ruined as Monarch, hope that will be resolved. Thank God for the comic relief he's bringing, otherwise BD would be even more grim than BN. I notice H and D are the only characters who have put 2 and 2 together about the white ring/lantern and headed straight to the cemetery...

  2. Thanks for the great comments ToB, I totally agree!

    I to love the Kesel's run, and hope that Kestrel comes back in he pages of Brightest Day. Even though that's a grim character - I think H&D need their own arch-nemesis again.

    As for Monarch and what it did to Hawk, I skip over that part looking back - memory isn't what it was you know, and oddly enough it seems only certain parts of the 90's continuity is affected, but hey it works for me :D.