Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Skottie Young's Backstage Pass, Castle's Back, and Shadowland's Send-Up, It's

CRUNCH: The illegally over the limit talents of Skottie Young are at it again. The artistic Pro is embarking on his first creator owned graphic novel and doing an online video diary of the process from start to finish, both from the story and art perspective.

It's really sweet stuff to watch and Skottie's only up to entry four, so get in now and see how one of the true pro's tackles doing an all-new comic, right after the jump.

CRUNCH: Marvel's Shadowland finally hit stands this week. While it delivered on it's ninja laden hype, the moment I found myself cherishing most was definitely this;

Franken-Castle is cool and all, but I've been missing the real deal. Welcome back Frank.

CRUNCH: Speaking of Shadowland, Marvel has debuted the first action figure based animation send-up of the milestone event, rendered by Alex Kropinak, Sean T. Collins and Ben Morse from the Cool Kids Table. If your days in need of a few laughs or you're just a fan of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Wolverine and co. it would pay to give the play button a few clicks.


  1. Lol this is funny..thnx Dan i will post this

  2. Glad you liked it IFF - I thought it was pretty hardcase too - especially ol' Spidey at the end there!