Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Hits of Hero For Hire: Luke Cage

There may be a new guy set to step into the Power Man boots, but there’s only one dude who’ll ever fill that infamous yellow shirt and tiara – Luke Cage. While I’m looking forward to seeing what kinda action the newbie gets into over the next few months, there’s an awesomely sweet article over at ComicsAlliance listing The Top 10 Most Awesome Moments of Luke Cage: Power Man, back when it was he putting the punch into the 'Power Man' brand.

Get hip to their jive, click the jump to check the list out in all it’s four colour glory.


  1. Great Article! Thanks for the tip. I actually collected Hero for Hire issues 8-9 way back when. I also collected the other Hero For Hire issues talked about in the article. And, oh yeah, Hero For Hire #1, as well. Not that I'm bragging. Ok so I am. :)

  2. Ha - Nice one CBL!

    Me, I have to stick with hunting down the odd issue at conventions and the friendly neighbourhood second-hand bookstore, but even that shopping list stretches further than Plastic Man at times!

    Thanks again for the comments!