Wednesday, August 04, 2010

AMANDA CONNER FOR PRESIDENT: Secret Avengers 6 Variant

Trying to raise the profile of your favourite book, because it faces cancelation by not having Wolver-bat-deadpool-man appearing within it's pages? What about the unsung comic creators? Those whose talents are currently 'between ongoing series' but should in reality be in a fully-committed relationship, with possible suitors lining up around the block?

People like Amanda Conner. No doubt one of the top illustrators in the game today, her 'classic comic' style combines an all ages feel, with some of the most detailed, yet detail-free line-work in modern comics. Despite this she's currently doing covers for Marvel. Cool, but where's my monthly 22 pages? 44? 66?

Sure these one-off-wonders may suit her lifestyle and career needs perfectly - but this is comics! It's all about fan needs right? So now I'm starting Amanda Conner for President. A little IADW space, where I infrequently keep you updated on what this amazing artist is working on and hopefully addict a few other of the so-far unconverted to her work in the process.

Kicking things off, this sweet little vampire variant to October's Secret Avengers #6. Black Widow has rarely looked cooler.


  1. That is some awesome art!

  2. It sure is Jonny - glad you like her stuff too.

    Thanks for the comment!