Saturday, August 28, 2010

COVER SHOTS: BOOM! Studios November Solicitations

BOOM! Studios looks set to end the year with the mother of all bangs. These three covers represent the best of their November solicitations.

ARTIST AND TITLE (Left to right): James Silvani - Darkwing Duck #6, Tim Bradstreet - 28 Days Later Vol2: A Bend In The Road TP, and Scott Clark - The Traveler #1 (Still lovin' that cover design!).

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  1. never read the comic but i friggin loved 28 Days Later! first time i saw it it scared the shit out of me. especially right before the first chase seen when Jim (Killian Murphy-also the Scare Crow from Batman Begins & Darknight) goes into the church and calls out "hello?".

  2. Hey David - yeah I loved 28 Days Later. To me it was a whole other class of zombie film...

    Hopefully the TV Show of Walking Dead hits that same benchmark, if not more!