Saturday, August 07, 2010

David Finch Closes Blog Due To eBay Fraudsters

David Finch didn't just draw some of the best covers and comic art of the modern era, he also ran an awesome little blog, which showcased his work, and offered 'superstar' tutorials, put together exclusively for readers on everything from line weights to rendering techniques.

Note the past tense. Due to the "extreme number" of people stealing his work to sell as their own on eBay, his wife Meredith posted on Thursday, David's blog would be closing for good.

This is sad news for all comic fans and those like myself who actually practised the drawing lessons David posted. While a few classes are still over there, they are the last of their kind, with all his posts on his professional work for the likes of Marvel and DC also removed.

Few pro's take the time to 'play it forward' and pass on their knowledge in such an accessible forum to fans all over the world. A sad, yet completely understandable move on David and Meredith's part, and I can only say 'Thanks' for all the effort they put into the blog prior to this event. It really was something.


  1. Typical. I didn't even know about this til now.

  2. Judge Judy always says; "No good deed goes unpunished". Sad. Truly, sad. But oh so true.

    If it weren't for criminals, we wouldn't need laws.

    So sorry to hear. They must feel totally victimized. My Best Wishes for them.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! It sure is a sad thing to have happen.

    Love the Judge Judy quote though C.B.L. - very true it seems.

  4. Thanks, Dan. Love your blog!