Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If my copy of Sin City was on VHS the tape would be well worn by now, if not wrapped around the heads of the player causing me to curse in multiple languages. That’s where DVD wins hands down – that sucker can take allot of punishment, and with Sin City my favourite comic-to-film adaptation thus far, it definitely puts that theory to the test.

Now, Frank Miller has put together an ad showcasing the latest Gucci fragrance, done in his trademark Sin City style. While they did stop short of calling the new ‘fume That Yellow Bastard or A Dame To Kill For, they hired Chris Evans (Captain America), and Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood) to get passionate without plot over the scent of Guilty.

While the full commercial will air first on September 12 during the MTV 2010 Video Music Awards, you can see it here right now. 

Visit the official ‘Guilty’ Facebook page - click the jump.


  1. Thanks Jonny - glad you liked it!

  2. Any project involving Frank Miller that doesn't require dialogue is good.

    Plus, Evan Rachel Wood is super-hot.

  3. Thanks for the comments Rob!

    I'd never seen or heard of her before to be honest, but yeah after seeing this little ditty I'm pretty sure I'll remember her from this point on!

  4. Just seen this - I had no idea that it was actually Frank Miller behind this. Actually thought it a cheeky parody of the Sin City style - in a way, I'm surprised that it's so literal an interpretation of what happens in the film.

  5. Hey Robert! Yeah it is almost a straight lift. The whole way Sin City was shot is just so brilliant, I'm surprised more people aren't knocking it off!