Monday, August 09, 2010

Ghosts of Comics Past: Cloak and Dagger

For a while in the 80's it seamed like this advert was the default inside front cover for every Marvel comic, but wow what an ad!

Ever since I first oogled over this splash-ad, I've wished Cloak and Dagger had more of a role in the Marvel Universe. While they've recently popped up in the X-books, they always seamed more at home in the Spider-verse, and hopefully in the future Daredevil's?


  1. I remember C&D very well. The opening issues to their series picked up on a lot of contemporary news stories in NYC which at the time was suffering from out of control crime. This is where the vigilante stories came from at DC - and in Cloak and Dagger there was a disturbing story about over the counter drugs being tampered with, which led to security seals being placed on aspirin, etc.

  2. Here's one report along those lines, but I am pretty sure that something similar happened before or after in New York.

  3. Wow ToB thanks for those great comments!

    When you live outside the US you don't get allot of the tie-in's like that, unless they are of a global headline tie-in level, so thanks for pointing that out.

    Sometimes I wonder if Marvel would consider a 80's Marvel series along the lines of 'X-Men Forever', where famous 80's creators continued telling tales of the 80's Marvel Universe, without having to make it link up to modern continuity.

    Captain Universe, Cloak and Dagger, even brown costume Wolverine, I'm sure it would work pretty well.

  4. bloody Hell! of the three CnD postings i was able to find i think maybe the one you were referring to on the Rom blog was the only one i didn't happen to leave a comment on. i've got more cool stuff about Mantlo's career going up first thing next month.

  5. Isn't that always the way mate! Boy I miss the 80's!