Thursday, August 26, 2010

KUNG-FOO FIGHTIN' Marvel Studios Hires Iron Fist Screenwriter

Leave it to a mouse to sniff out cool. Since Mickey's men acquired the House of Ideas, they've searched every floor and corner looking for great characters to headline films to distribute through the Disney brand. The first pick was the master of the mystic arts, Dr Strange, and now comes word that the immortal Iron Fist is candidate number two.

Deadline reports that Disney have tapped Rich Wilkes to get the lead out and script the tale, and with Wilkes being the guy that created the xXx movie franchise you know there's going to be a fair amount of butt-kicking involved.

Hopefully Rich's first stop is his local comic book store. Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja's sadly cut short Immortal Iron Fist series is gold in print and a blockbuster waiting to happen. Keep your eyes on this one folks!


  1. Great Job Dan..just posted this also lol

    This is great news!!!

  2. Thanks IFF! Not only is it great news, it's sweet to see the ball rolling on some fresh new faces...

    Now I guess the question is what actor will get behind the yellow mask?

  3. Here is my answer Dan