Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gabriel Hardman

Every Sunday, Making A Mark features one of the insanely talented artistic folk currently living up large, and gives them a little brag spot right here on IADW. This week it's Gabriel Hardman, a American artist whose work for Marvel's Hulk line of books and Agents of Atlas by the look of his online portfolio, was by a man just getting warmed up!

The section of his gallery which caught my eye the most; a whole series of 'Daily Sketches', featuring a wide range of characters from comics and beyond. The different line weights and textures Gabriel uses, create some pretty iconic imagery that are just downright stunning. Click through for a few great examples of what I mean.

Eldritch - check out that perspective!

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

And my favourite 'New God' - Big Barda

Awesome stuff huh? What I wouldn't give to see Gabriel helm a re-launch of The Defenders! Seeing his Namor, Dr Strange and Beast on a monthly basis would be a pretty sweet treat indeed. For more Hardman artistic goodness, click the jump.

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