Friday, August 13, 2010

PANEL-BEATER: The Comic Of The Month

"Don't you be telling me to shut up, you stinky old pooch"

Anyone suffering "event fatigue" ain't reading The Thanos Imperative. Brightest Day losing it's luster? SEIGE feel more like a brisk walk in the park? Then this little mini has got your faith restorer. Better yet, there's no army of spin-off's or linked in titles, it's just one mini-series, six issues long. Fancy that.

With issue two, denizens of the Cancerverse pour through The Fault, with the conquest of our universe in mind. Silver Surfer, Nova, the Inhumans and more push to hold back the onslaught, when Galactus and our realities other 'cosmic abstracts' show up to even the odds. But wouldn't you know it; the Cancerverse has something even bigger...

Still not content with leaving the issue at just that epic moment, this opus by writing duo Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning also includes The Guardians of the Galaxy vs 'the Defenders' in a universe of the undying, and The Vision. Oh yeah, Thanos also brings the ultimate gift, and New Warriors Namorita and Vance meet again for the first time in the shadow of 'the Necropsy'.

All of this character interaction and carnage is highlighted by the art of Miguel Sepul Veda, who's finding his feet with the star-crossed cast more and more with every page. Putting the cosmic cherry on top, the colours of Jay David Ramos, and the stunning cover by Aleksi Briclot (who may just be Marvel's next Gabrielle Dell'Otto).

Trust me, even if you are not a fan of cosmic, there's a kick to be found in these pages. The Thanos Imperative deserves the term 'event' by rekindling that almost indie feeling, of a place where writers can swing for the fences, free of editorial red-tape and marquee watchdogs. A place where the only 'Imperative' is 'unlimited imagination' - and we can all do with a monthly dose of that.


  1. Check out "Scarlet" by Bendis and Maleev. Its pretty damn cool too! (Note - it was released in July....)

  2. Thanks Jonny!

    Maleev is a pretty wicked artist isn't he... I was lucky enough to have both he and Bendis sign some of my stuff from their Daredevil run when they were in Auckland.