Saturday, August 28, 2010

PAUL CORNELL'S CHALLENGE: 100 New Characters In Six Issues

If you think Gotham City is crowded wait till you see DC's London. Writer Paul Cornell has issued his personal challenge to fill Knight and Squire with 100 brand-spanking new British characters (that's 100, not one more, not one less) before the 6 issue mini-series is through.

If that kind of creativity and growth doesn't hook ya, the preview of October's 'bru-ha-ha in a brewery' is up now at The Source. In it, the tally is already taking off, including this little pearler right here;

The straw that made me chuck this on my pull-list to see how it flies? This video interview by the folks at ComicsAlliance that shows Paul's true sinister motivations for the book and the the folk at DC...

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