Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walking Dead Trailer Released

Think your flatmate has developed a bit of pasty complexion, or your neighbour's never seen without a steak sandwich in hand? Well this October 31st you can set the ultimate Zombie trap!

Set the TV in your dwelling to AMC ready for the debut of the Walking Dead live action series, invite them in for a watch and afterwards if said subject lurches in pack formation towards your local comic store, garbling about creator Robert Kirkman and finding back issues in mint condition, you'll know your hunch was right.

Don't ask me what to do with 'em once you've uncovered them - I haven't got that far yet. But while you figure out your zombie survival tactics you might just want to click play on the series trailer below. A four minute plus preview of the first 90 minute episode, it'll show you just how contagious this show looks like becoming - just watch how "thirsty for more" it leaves you...

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